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Our Purpose:
Founded in 1992 the purpose of the Chamber, as the Voice of Greek American Enterprise, is to connect Greek and Greek American professionals and businesses, and to foster the opportunity for success and prosperity. We are guided by our Hellenic culture, heritage and historical character and seek to enhance innovation and economic prosperity - key components of the Hellenic ideals of “quality of life”.

Our Vision:

The vision of the Greek American Chamber of Commerce is for Greeks to work together as a community of businesses whose goal is to serve, as the stewards of positive future growth, while maintaining the great traditions and personality unique to Hellenes.

Our Mission:
The Chambers mission is to consistently seek to build value for its members. Our programs focus on four main areas: Networking, Business & Economic Opportunity, Education and Community Development. To this end the Chamber will serve to advance the commercial interests of the Greek American community, promote cooperation among Greek American businesses, develop trade between Greece or Cyprus and to mentor the new generation of Greek professionals.

The Greek American Chambers of Commerce, is an essential organization for young professionals. Our purpose it to serve as a platform for Greek and Greek American businesses, professionals, and entrepreneurs. We foster economic and cultural ties within the United States and between the United States, Greece and Cyprus.